After sales service

BioBrent remote control system:
close to customer even
if physically far

BioBrent remote system management constantly check datas and every single components of the plant. The software reveals every failures sending warnings automatically when it is necessary to operate: for a substitution of a component or for a planned maintenance.
Thanks to the constant remote control of all parameters (temperatures, consumptions...) we optimaze the management of the machine with reduction of equipment failures, wastes, engine-stops etc. with consequent economics and production benefits.
Some peculiarities of BioBrent remote management system:

  • access to the system through smartphone and tablet
  • software PLC, HMI interface, supervisors, control panel, customized control of power
  • continuous monitoring of machine performance
  • flexibility of use and possible integration with existing systems
  • modular installation, in order to meet needs and characteristics of the plant

Service Network BioBrent,
our experts are ready to operate

To be close to customers is very important for us. To be near during emergency means to guarantee quick corrective preventive actions. A planned maintenance task can get done faster with the equipment returning to production faster, too. We solve the problems before they happens.

Full service

We offers complete full service to our customers thanks to our expert technicias. We offer a wide range of high competitive advantages: minimization of engine stops, excellent performance over time, absolute reliability.

Oil analysis

Like real doctors which periodically check-up patients BioBrent make targeted checks in the machines. The lubricating oil analysis of the engines allows us to perform predictive and programmed maintenance to provide a constant diagnostic service.

Spare parts

Original spare parts available in our warehouse. Appropriate stock with on time availability.

Engines available

Man, Perkins, Mitsubishi, MTU, Scania, Cummins and Mitsubishi engine new or reconditioned in-house. All available for emergencies or routine maintenance.