customized cogeneration

We was born to respond to the urgent and specific request of an efficient, constant and easy energy produced in the right quantity to allow every size of company, in all industrial sector.
We are specialized manufacturers of CHP plants since 2007. We are experts in the production of customer-specific energy solutions installed at the client's site. The systems are, in fact, truly unique plants, designed piece by piece, assembled, tested and controlled directly, with the utmost care, almost maniacal with the experience and passion in everything. We consider our job and the job of our customers, not only a work, but a very important part of life.
In few years we became an authorevol point of reference in the sector; the continuous growth of our company allow us to compete with the big industry since we are really specialized and also for our special cult for quality and innovation.
Cogeneration is our middle name.

BioBrent, we honour the value of collaboration

Every day we cooperate with our customers to meet their requirement. With our customers we have developed a workflow in order to solve together step by step every single aspect of the job: starting from feasibility study, estimated costs and simulation of payback of the investment, to installation and after sale assistance.
We customize the plant in order to meet customer needs also considering logistical and operating conditions. Our goal is to customize the system to its maximum potential, according to the objectives and logistics of the operating conditions. We therefore never ask of customers to tear down walls to create room for our machines; on the contrary, we do everything possibility to adapt to your pre-existing spaces.
Biobrent helps the sustainable growth of your business, because we know that trust and partnership go hand in hand.

Free study of energy consumption
Feasibility study with payback simulation
Project development
Manufacturing and installation of the plant
Bureaucratic management
Plant remote control system
After sales service

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