Top quality components in order to reach optimum performance

Quality for us is not a simple certification. It is much more, it is and integral part of the way we do business.
Each of our systems is constructed by assembling our products with master craftsmanship, with maximum attention to dedication, and we only use components of the highest possible quality available. Our components are made to last and they provide reliability and ensure more optimal performance and increase the life cycle of each machine.
For this reason we choose only the world's top notch branch motors: Jenbacher, Perkins, MTU, Scania, Cummins, Mitsubishi and Man. For each type of system we always choose only the best possible technologies available on the market.


We install plants starting from 200 kWe up to 5 MW (gas methane). After a careful study of their feasibility we size the system and tailor the plants for its individual needs. We offer our customers only the best technologies available in the market.


To obtain the maximum efficiency for our customers we choose components that are extremely reliable and of the highest quality. The engines we use are Jenbacher, Perkins, MTU, Scania, Cummins, Mitsubishi and Man. In our facilities materials are installed to comply with the regulations in force. Our engineers study the use of specific products for each type of plant, choosing only the best technologies present on the market.


Our systems are installed in a soundproof container and placed close to users. The rooms are studied in detail in order to make maintenance operations easy. They are all extremely easy to handle and to remove. We only use the highest quality materials.