Operating lease

BioBrent offer
customized rental solution

We are at the customer site also with financial solutions: we can offer alternative solutions to the purchase to those who cannot or do not feel ready to invest.
We hire natural gas cogeneration plants in order to offer the customer the opportunity to use our technologies without affecting the cash or the company's capital, defining appropriate rate and timing.

Operating Lease

Operating lease is BioBrent financial solution.
The BioBrent operating lease allows the use of cogeneration solution without a costly outlay by the customer. An operating lease represents a rental agreement for cogeneration plant.
It is a formula alternatively to purchasing and leasing that allows the end user, upon payment of a periodic fee, to have the availability for a specific period of the service of energy supply.
An operating lease represents an off-balance sheet financing of assets, where a leased asset and associated liabilities of future rent payments are not included on the balance sheet of a company.
In the price of operating lease are included additional services such as maintenance, insurance, and the supply of consumables and allows to the customer to pay only the real consumption of the plant.
In this solution there is also the possibility of the final purchase by the customer.